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CAG01HWEGAA - EIDWManuel Bubbers
CAG02PELEMD - GOOYKilian Kuhlmann
CAG03HWEIDW - CYYTFlorian Tepp
CAG03HWEIDW - CYYTTobias Trieschmann
CAG03RTEDHL - EKBISven Kadereit
CAG04HMKMCO - LICJMatthias Pflug
CAG04HWCYYT - KBOSDennis Leynen
CAG1037EDDM - EDDFAlexander Gerling
CAG10ECEBBR - EPWAPeter Lustig
CAG18MTLGAV - LIRFChristian Klemmer
CAG261LLEPA - LIMEFlorian Polter
CAG36LIRF - LROPJohn Modes
CAG371KJFK - EDDHChristian Ewers

Upcoming Events:
13 Nov 2016 14:00zCopenhagen Virtual Airline FLY-IN

Latest News:
Halloween Eventtour und Neuer A330-200 F
MD11 Pilots Eye Tour
IFR Phraseology Schulung
VFR Schulung am 10.9.2016
FS 9 Liveries für die iFly 737

Last Flights:
CAG811Chris Lorus1.2 hrs ago
CAG09VFAndreas Eberl1.4 hrs ago
CAG08VFAndreas Eberl2.1 hrs ago
CAG05HWRico Leuker3 hrs ago
CAG1079Tom Knops3.6 hrs ago

Newest Members:
Niklas Schierhuber2.8 hrs ago
Niklas Schierhuber3 hrs ago
Niklas Schierhuber17.3 hrs ago
Marcel Moldowan20.1 hrs ago
Marcel Coels2 days ago


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